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Surgeon of Sound (SOS) Studio offers audio recording services at an acoustically-treated home studio in Novato, CA, as well as live on-location recording in the San Francisco Bay Area. I use Protools and pro-level gear to produce high quality demos, EP's, CD's, mulitrack sound for video, voiceovers, and other miscellaneous audio services. As a customer you will find a friendly atmosphere and quality sound recording and mixing services at affordable rates.

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Clients, styles, and evolution of the studio


SOS studio has been getting busier each month, thankfully. I've had the pleasure of recording Rita and the Cosmos, a 7-person Acapella group that sings classic american songs. Joni Degabrielle has begun recording her children's education CD that will help teach children important social skills through music. The Ridgeway boys are having great local success and may return to complete a CD soon too. Tim Klooz St. Clair has helped me learn to produce a finished CD product with his CD of originals recorded at Room with a View studio in Petaluma. The studio has also grown with a new Mac Pro computer, Apple 30" Cinema display, and some new Pro Tools plugins that sound sweet. A small tower of classic outboarad gear is waiting to be connected to the digital/analog studio sometime soon. An Arturia Minibrute analog synth has been added for creating those truly unique sounds!

I want to keep my rates accessible to the average musician who is serious about recording and always be available for students and high school bands. I will be increasing my rates starting Jan 1, 2015 to $45/hr to keep up with the new demand. I look forward to all the new projects, songs, sounds, and people I'll work with over the next year. Thanks to all my talented clients for trusing me with their music recording.

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Providing professional recording and mixing services since 2010


"Sounds pretty damn good!"

 Davey Pattison - Legendary voice of Gamma, Robin Trower, and Gamma+, songwriter, guitarist

"Ramon is great to work with, completely unflappable!"

Phil Rountree - Singer, guitar and bass player in The Role Models and Sweet Harmony (Novato, CA)


Sherie Friendlander - Jazz/Brazilian singer (Novato, CA)

"Over the past two years, I have done several recordings at S.O.S. studio in Novato. Ramon has been a delight to work with and is very knowledgeable and helpful. He delivers the service as well as the finished product. I highly recommend him!

 Dennis Hagerty - singer/songwriter (Novato, CA)

"Ramon - cool, calm, collected plus a great ear and fast on the draw equals a super professional engineer. Truly, it's comfortable recording my tunes at your studio. Thanks for your patience"

Steve Schoen - singer/songwriter (Corte Madera, CA)

"Ramon did a great job recording a live concert for me. He brought the equipment he needed and was able to interface with the live sound engineer seamlessly. Having the ability to mix the live sound after the concert was wonderful and gave me a very nice recording of the performance. Highly recommended!"

Maye Cavallaro - singer/producer/faculty at the California Jazz Conservatory (Berkeley, CA) 

"Surgeon of sound studios has great equipment and a great engineer to go with it. Ramon is easy to work with and makes sure you get the most out of every session"

   Jordan Kulp - San Marin Senior and leader of Ridgeway Space Station ban (Novato, CA)