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  • Flat hourly fee for all services
  • Call for pricing

  • Services 
  • 24-bit 16-track digital recording in ProTools ver. 10
  • A dedicated sound-treated recording room in my home including a portable vocal booth
  • Full audio editing including time and pitch correction 
  • Full mixing and mastering 
  • Complete CD preparation through DiskMakers site. I'll do all the paperwork, you provide the music and the artwork!
  • Referrals to local artists, graphic designers, and photographers for your needs
  • I'm experienced in live recordings at your gig or at your rehearsal space 
  • I enjoy working with students, school/teen bands, singer/songwriters, and local musicians
  • Deliverables include your ProTools session(s) and your mixes on a CD-R, DVD-R, or on your hard disk
  • I strive for a friendly atmosphere, provide a comfortable couch, and value flexibility and service



Recording engineer: Ramon Berguer

  • General Surgeon for 22 years (hence the studio's name...)
  • Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering Online Course (2009)
  • The Recording Connection Audio Institute Audio Engineering Program (6-month apprenticeship) completed at Hydestreet Studios (2010)
  • 6-day Recording Boot Camp at Veneto West Studio in Santa Monica, CA (2012)
  • Berklee Online Introduction to Music Production (2013)
  • Berklee Online Vocal Production course (2014)
  • Mixing with the masters (Fab Dupont) Flux studios NYC (2015)
  • Intermediate-level guitarist
  • Gigging drummer with the Role Models (Novato, CA)

ProTools ver. 10 running on an 8-core Mac Pro with dual monitors
16-tracks of simultaneous recording at 24-bit resolution
Apogee high-end AD/DA converters
Microphones: AKG C414EB Brass capsule, C414 BLII, C452EB, A3000, C1000,; Sure KSM32, SM57, SM58, Beta 52, Beta 91; Rode NT55; MXL V69 Mogami Tube, Busman Audio Stereo microphone
Preamplifiers: A-Designs Pacifica, Focusrite ISA two, Universal Audio 610 MKII tube pre/compressor, ART PRO MPA-2, Symmetrix 528 channel strip (modded by Jim Williams), Profire 2626, and Focusrite Octopre
Compressors: ART VLA tube, Dbx 160, Dbx 118 JDK, Aphex expressor 651 (modded by Jim Williams), FMR RNC
Effects: Peavey Kosmos subharmonic generator, Lexicon PCM70, Yamaha SPX1000 and R1000, Roland SRV 3030, TC electronics Voice Harmony and Triple-C and M-One, Korg GR-1 Stereo Gated Spring Reverb, Alesis QuadraVerb GT
Synthesizers: Arturia Minibrute Analog Synth, Kurzweil K-2500, E-mu Mo'Phatt, Korg Volca Keys and Wavestation and Korg Wavedrum, Roland JV-1080, 
Alesis HD24 24-track HD recorder  and Presonus Studiolive 16.0.2 digital live sound console (for live and on-location use)
Tascam 38 Reel to Reel analog tape recorder
Tascam 644 4-track cassette

Premier Artist Maple 5-piece drum kit
Fender Precision Bass 50th Anniversary Edition
Fender Stratocaster with S1 tone switch
Gallien-Krueger 200w 2x20 bass amplifier
Peavey Classic 50 tube amplifier
Kurzweil K2500 Keyboard sampler/Synth
Arturia Minibrute Analog Synth